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Greetings and welcome to our website!

As you embark on your virtual journey through our pages, you will discover that our institution stands as a sanctuary for young learners. We embrace and celebrate curiosity, growth, and exploration as fundamental pillars of education.

In our school, we foster an environment that nurtures aspiring leaders and trailblazers. It serves as a fertile ground for those who are eager to explore the forefront of modern ideas and unleash their creativity. Our school encourages students to fearlessly transform their dreams and aspirations into reality, empowering them to become ambassadors of human values.

We have meticulously crafted our curriculum that goes beyond traditional academics. We foster a lifelong love for learning, instilling in students the joy of intellectual discovery and a thirst for knowledge that extends far beyond the classroom walls.


Our exceptional team of educators bring their unwavering passion for both their subjects and their students. Their dedication shines through as they go above and beyond, striving to cultivate an enriching and supportive learning environment. Recognizing that each student is unique, our teachers embrace diverse teaching methods, tailored to meet individual needs and ignite a love for learning. With their guidance and mentorship, every student is empowered to thrive and reach their full potential.

At our institution, we hold a firm belief in the invaluable role of parents and the significance of their active involvement in the education process. We encourage parents to share their aspirations and concerns ensuring that we work together to provide the best possible educational experience for each student.

Thank you for entrusting us with the education of your child. Together, let us continue to inspire and empower the young minds by instilling in them a sense of responsibility for shaping their own future.

Warm Regards,

Kavitha Rajan


Ruchi Sharma
(Academic Coordinator)

Saijal Jha
(Office Executive)

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Sarika Satam

Yamini Tripathi

Reshmi Choudhary

T. Pretty

Swati Sharma

Akshada Solanki

Anjali Yadav

Adarsh Tripathi
( Physical Education Instructor)